55+ Weekend Getaways from Mumbai [Infographic] by the team at shortbreakcompany.com

Some time ago a reader named Dave of zarahutke.in dropped me a line wondering if I would be interested in sharing a post about getaways in Mumbai, and the answer was simply yes. Being a huge lover of the mouthwatering food, breathtaking scenery and kind people of India I find it very interesting to share information of this caliber with my followers. I hope this infographic will benefit both native Indian/Mumbai residents and foreign travellers like yours truly.

Let me begin by giving some information about Dave himself as well as some words related to the infographic.

Nirav Dave is the co-founder of Shortbreak Company, in Mumbai that specializes in all things Offbeat Stays & Weekend Getaways. He is a Avid traveler, A dedicated husband and father and loves Numismatics

Travellers often live by the words. To travel is to live and they are always on the lookout for new, interesting and exciting getaways. However, sometimes it may be difficult to pick a perfect place for spending your holiday, especially if you are planning a trip to Mumbai.

Surrounded by lush green scenery, breathtaking hill stations and historical wonders, some of the neighbouring areas of Mumbai make for the best holiday destination, but if you are unsure as to which places to visit, then here is the <a href=”https://shortbreakcompany.com/best-weekend-getaways-from-mumbai/”>ultimate holiday destination list</a> that can help you plan a perfect holiday.

This guide consists of an infographic that comprises of 55+ best weekend getaways near Mumbai that are ideal for people who are looking for a stress-free and laid back vacation away from the city life. Also, accompanying this infographic is a detailed guide that gives you information on how to reach there, the best time to visit, distance of each location and more.

So check out the below-mentioned infographic now and find that perfect place for a fun and relaxing holiday!


55+ Weekend Getaways from Mumbai, infographic is made by the team at shortbreakcompany.com

Best Weekend Getaways from Mumbai



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