Malaysia – Jalan Alor a heaven for Chinese foodies

It’s no secret that Chinese food is a favorite of mine. I still have precious memories from Sunday meals at the local Chinatown restaurant back in my hometown.

Sweet and sour pork

Sweet and sour pork

Back then Chinese food normally consisted of Beef chop suey and sweet sour pork with steamed rice. But Chinese food has evolved a lot since then. People started to travel more and get a feel for what authentic Chinese food should taste like.

If you happen to be in Bukit Bintang and craves a Chinese or Malay-chinese meal, then Jalan Alor is the place for you. In fact the street got so many alternatives to choose from that it’s at times difficult to choose. Every store got their house specialty.

Our feast at restaurant Dragon View

Our feast at restaurant Dragon View

Be it satay skewers, char kwey teow, mee goreng, char siu bbq pork or even Vietnamese pho, the place got it all.

Some people are put off by the idea of eating at the street, but personally I never encountered a single accident in KL or Thailand. Even if a lot of the places look unsanitary, it’s still a part of the charm when having hawker food. This isn’t fine dining after all, but in terms of hygiene in the kitchen it’s highly safe to eat at all the places in Jalan Alor.

Veg fried rice Restoran Dragon View

Veg fried rice Restoran Dragon View

If you happen to be ran down by restaurant staff trying to get you to choose their place by shoving a menu up your face, then the best way to reject their offer is to politely smile and say “no thanks, maybe later”.

Crispy fried squid at Restoran Dragon View

Crispy fried squid at Restoran Dragon View

Below I have listed my personal choice of restaurants in Jalan Alor.

Wong Ah Wah (also called W.A.W).

This place is famous for their lovely aromatic grilled chicken wings. You can find both deep-fried and grilled varieties. My girlfriend and I ended up ordering a plate of grilled Satays, Tiger beer and some grilled chicken wings.  I loved the grilled, smoky flavor of the chicken wings and the Satays were packed with flavor. This place is highly recommended and a MUST have experience.

Wong Ah Wah got 4 branches right next to each other at the end of Jalan alor.

Dragon View restaurant

If you enter Jalan alor from the side street located by KFC in Jalan Bukit Bintang, Restoran Dragon view is probably the first place you’ll see. For being Jalan Alor, this restaurant was quite expensive. Feast of the day consisted of crisp fried squid, grilled duck, vegetable fried rice and Cantonese style sweet and sour pork. The squid, roast duck and vegetable fried rice were quite tasty, but the Kou Lou Yuk (Cantonese sweet and sour pork) were kind of soggy and the sauce was quite sticky from extensive use of potato starch.  The roast duck and bottles of Skol beer resulted in a bill twice as high as we expected.

One downside of this place is that it’s by the entrance to Jalan Alor. I also felt that the locals were staring at us. As if they never saw a western guy use chop sticks or enjoy a chinese meal before.

Restoran Guilin

I didn’t visit the place on this trip, but back in 2012 me and my other half went there with a Chinese local. This place offers a classic Chinese menu. We ordered some dry fried beef, chicken with dried chilies, a lovely soup and Tsingtao beers. The service was good, but due to lack of English skills things got a bit complicated. That’s when knowing a few words of basic Mandarin became useful.

I don’t remember the name of all the places we went, but I can guarantee that there is a 90% chance that you will end up having a feast regardless of what place is being chosen.

Now that you hopefully got an idea of where to eat in Jalan alor, I’m gonna wish you guys a happy holiday in Malaysia and cheers!



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