Every Day Thai Cooking worldwide giveaway

Everyday Thai Cooking

I teamed up with Katie Chin and Tuttle publishing to give-away two copies of her new cookbook Everyday Thai Cooking – Quick and Easy Family Style Recipes. Katie’s original approach to Thai cuisine makes this book a must have Item for any Thai food lover. Be it a complete beginner or someone who already got some knowledge in the field.

The reader will learn Katie’s tips and tricks along with easy to follow recipes that will both save time and recreate the flavors of Thailand at home.

Everyday Thai Cooking contains 100+ recipes with amazing food photos.

Lemongrass Chicken Wings

Thai Lemongrass chicken wings. Click here to try the recipe.

Some of the recipes included are:

  • Bo Luc Lac (Vietnamese shaking beef)
  • Thai Lemongrass chicken wings
  • Chicken Satay
  • Gai Yaang
  • Som tam salad
  • Pad see-ew
  • Beef with Red Chili Paste
  • Crunchy Siam spring rolls + many many more.

The competition is worldwide, and only entry per day is encouraged. A winner will be notified on the 14th of October. Grab your chance to win a copy of this amazing book by following the simple steps below.

Simply perform all 4 actions and you might be one of lucky winners.

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12 Responses to “Every Day Thai Cooking worldwide giveaway”

  1. #
    Michele Jacques — September 15, 2013 @ 5:47 pm

    Love Thai cooking. Would love to win your cookbook. Thanks!

  2. #
    Bee — September 15, 2013 @ 7:02 pm

    Love any cookbook…can flip it for hours then
    make my choice.

  3. #
    Lonnie Bottino — September 15, 2013 @ 7:18 pm

    Always up for new a delicious food. Just getting acquainted with Thai.

    • #
      Simon — September 19, 2013 @ 9:46 pm

      You won’t regret getting to know thai food better. The transition from chinese to thai is fairly simple.

  4. #
    Linda Benafel — September 16, 2013 @ 10:39 pm

    I made the Thai Lemongrass Chicken Wings. They were delicious. I grilled them and squeezed extra lime juice over them before serving. This is an easy, tasty dish.

    • #
      Simon — September 19, 2013 @ 9:44 pm

      Great to hear that you enjoyed them.

  5. #
    Ariani — September 28, 2013 @ 6:52 am

    Thanks for great giveaway…I love Thai cooking, would love to learn some more…

  6. #
    Lynn — September 28, 2013 @ 1:04 pm

    Love Thai cooking. Live in Italy and the most difficult ingredients to find are the fresh herbs – cilantro/coriander being the most important and difficult. But-all-in-all the love of Thai cuisine and the fun of cooking keep me searching and experimenting. Thank you for the opportunity to win this fabulous book.

    • #
      Simon — September 28, 2013 @ 7:38 pm

      I totally see your concern about not finding the right ingredients. Try to check out Vietnamese or general Asian markets if they got them available. Also another challenge many face is finding thai basil (called horapa) and kaffir/leech lime leaves. Good luck on your hunt;)

  7. #
    Sandra — October 1, 2013 @ 2:29 pm

    Very interesting in learing to cook thai food.

    • #
      Simon — October 7, 2013 @ 5:37 pm

      Sounds great. Thai cooking is easier than it sounds like. Finding ingredients can be more difficult to some people than the actual cooking. Good luck on your quest.

  8. #
    Simon — October 7, 2013 @ 5:38 pm

    Asian grocery stores seem to pop up everywhere now these days. If there is something you cannot find, I recommend searching through vietnamese or any south east asian market. Even if the dishes are different, they rely on a lot of the same ingredients for cooking.

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