Summer diaries from Kamala bay in pictures

Boats by kamala bay

A view from the bridge over to Kamala beach area.

Due to moving to a new location and traveling I’ve sort of neglected consistent blogging for the past months, but I’m back to stay for now.

It was a warm summers day in July and my second trip to asia this year went to the land of smiles. This time my family came along and our plane took off to a slightly more touristy part of Thailand. As my beloved Malaysia is just across the pond I was seriously contemplating paying a visit to Kuala Lumpur. But since two weeks goes pretty fast I made a final decision to have a look around Kamala bay, a small location close to Patong on the island of Phuket.

After a long, but tiring 15 hour trip with a stopover in Bangkok we finally arrived by the hotel entrance of Cape Sienna. A unique hotel worth visiting if you’re planning to stay in Kamala.

Local beach cafe kamala beach

As for 2013 one can still see the traces left by the tsunami around the island. New hotels still under construction, locals striving to rebuild their homes and many businesses will most likely never see the light again. But one thing truly admirable about thai people is their ability to smile, care about each other and still keep their heads up high. Even when life treated them poorly.

On the second day I decided to take a stroll around Patong for some shopping and street food, and the rest of the family went for a walk around Kamala. Apart from Banzaan market, Patong is not much else but a shopping area and a paradise for sex tourism. It’s quite sad that Thailand became a target for naughty purposes when it’s so many beautiful temples, delicious food, friendly people and eye catching islands/scenery to enjoy.

White orchid thai restaurant

White orchid thai restaurant has been serving up authentic thai food since 1989. (the prawn curry on top was my creation).

Eating in Kamala

A golden rule for foodies in Thailand is to eat where the locals go. Forget about fancy fine dining and get down to some serious eating for little money. Kamala is a quite small location and what literally saved my craving for authentic thai food was White Orchid, a thai restaurant owned by a sweet local lady named Angela. She offered cooking classes which again left me eager to learn more about homestyle thai cooking. After a couple of hours with two Australians we had cooked up delicious thai food in a jiffy. If you ever visit Kamala bay don’t forget to support White Orchid restaurant.

As years went by, I became more of a fussy eater who pay more attention to what food taste like, look like and how it’s prepared. Due to positive reviews on Trip advisor, me and my mother decided to head over to a place named Rockfish. Unfortunately the quality of the food did not live up its reputation. Beautiful view, but the dining experience is nothing to talk about.

Kamala beach

Kamala Beach

What kept amazing me about kamala is how much the area changed on a daily basis. One could go back to the exact same spot time after time and always notice something new and different.

I didn’t capture as much of the street life that I wanted, but there will be plenty of time for that on the next trips to Asia.

Local boy playing around
Met this little buddy during a stroll around the beach area.

It’s a pity I couldn’t stay longer to learn more about Thai cooking. I love everything about Thailand, the people, the food and It feels like one of those places that never get old. After 2 weeks that ran way too fast, it was about time to get back on the plane for the return trip back home.

Over and out for this time.

Got any memories from Phuket you’d like to share? go ahead and type them in the comments field below.



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